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Jan 4, 2024 | News, Software Releases & Updates

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The Weather Watch feature includes SNOWTAM

In OpsControl version 2.6.6. SNOWTAM (see image at end of this article) is included in the WeatherWatch feature for an easy and intuitive Operational Control

WeatherWatch is a simple yet detailed overview of your fleet and the current weather status at the associated aerodromes. Dispatchers can rapidly identify if the weather is above, below, or at the operation’s thresholds in the flight list in OpsControl v.2.6.6. 

The WeatherWatch feature is a valuable tool for aviation operations, providing weather information for planning purposes and displaying the current weather status of departure, destination, and alternate airports.

The weather status is colour-coded based on user-defined thresholds, which can be modified to suit specific operational requirements. Moreover, all colour-coded thresholds are user-defined and can be adjusted to accommodate individual airport restrictions. For instance, airports with more restrictive wind conditions can have a lower set of wind and gust values that trigger the below and at minima than the default configuration. 

Furthermore, clicking on a selected airport in the flight list allows an expanded weather information, including the exceeded threshold, to be displayed on the screen.


This premium global flight tracking and monitoring software is for aviation operations, and we guarantee secure and reliable data feeds to ensure your flights:

• Flight Watch Web Application
• Tracking GADSS Compliant
• Live weather updates
• Integrate with several positioning data sources:
            • Eurocontrol, FAA, and Governmental data.
• ADS-B via own professional grade network, space-based, or Satcom D.
• 100% anonymized data.
• Post Flight Data Report
• EFF export to business intelligence is available.

Flight status: Your plane has landed safely…

In the notification center, you can easily set up triggers for warnings and alerts to notify your dispatchers and staff about important flight status in real-time. Movement messages will be displayed in the notification tray and via email.

Fact-driven and optimized flight planning

Start planning on actual knowledge and statistics collected via your flight operations rather than theoretical data models. Combining OpsControl | Flight Watch with the PPS Flight Planning System (or any other flight planning software), you can analyze historical flight tracking data collected via the Postflight module and use your findings to optimize future flight plans. Evaluation of postflight data will ultimately help you reduce your operating costs, improve your operational ROI, and leave you with a great competitive advantage – all based on facts.

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