Flight Tracking

OpsControl | FlightWatch is a premium flight tracking and monitoring system for aviation operations.

With integration into any flight planning system, situational awareness and easy flight status monitoring are achieved. OCCs and dispatch teams can continuously monitor planned vs. actual (live) flights.

A simple yet detailed overview of your fleet and the current weather status at the associated aerodromes.

The WeatherWatch feature is integrated into the OpsControl ‘flight list’ and displays the current weather status of the departure, destination, and alternate airports. The weather status is colour-coded based on each operation’s user-defined thresholds and can be modified to suit specific operations requirements. Moreover, colour-coded thresholds can be adjusted to accommodate individual airport restrictions.  For example, airports with more restrictive wind conditions can have lower wind and gust values, triggering notification for marginal or critical thresholds.

Extended weather information is also available for each airport in the flight list, including exceeded thresholds.

OpsControl is for easy and intuitive operational control. We call it: Maintain operational control at all times!

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OpsControl flight tracking, data and terrestrial coverage

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